Tips to Get Organised in January

It’s safe to say January isn’t the happiest of months, as it seems we’re always busy with household chores, resolutions that we probably regret making (what made us think we could live without chocolate?) and playing catch-up at work. Add all of this to your usual post-Christmas blues and you’re surely left with a lack of motivation. 

But there are two ways of facing January. While it first appears to be nothing but a month of cold weather and boringness, it can really be a new beginning of sorts. A whole new year filled with possibility is by far the best time to get organised in your life and home. But where to start?

The laundry pile!

What better place to start than one of your most time-consuming household chores! On average we spend a whopping 88 hours a year washing and hanging clothes to dry, so it’s understandable that so many of us hate doing it. What if there was a way to make the chore of laundry more organised, simple or faster? Or better yet, what if you could reclaim all those hours spent hovering over the washing machine? Now that’s a new year’s resolution we can get on board with.

Our premium laundry and dry cleaning services in Milton Keynes are here to make your dreams of a laundry-free 2020 come true. We’ve created a range of laundry solutions to help Milton Keynes say ciao to the chore of laundry. There’s no drop-off or collection needed either, as we’ll have our trusted van collect it from your home or workplace and deliver it back to you when it’s done. 

What about the ironing?

Crowned the second most hated chore among 160,000 people, ironing takes up a lot of our time. Our team of trained laundry professional love it though, so hand it over to us and we’ll take care of it! You’ll have all your clothes returned to you in pristine condition, ironed and hung or folded (depending on your choice). 

Our Ironing Service is competitively priced against other local services without compromising on quality, ranging from £1.50 per hung item to £4.80 per kg of folded ironing. We promise to bring you a convenient, fast and affordable quality laundry service. We can even guarantee to get your laundry back within 48 hours!

 In more of a rush? If you require an even quicker turn around our team can offer a ‘rush’ service for a small surcharge, so get in touch to discuss.

If you’re looking to make this year your most organised yet, we’re here for all your laundry needs. Get started today – take a peek at our full range of laundry services in Milton Keynes for a helping hand to stick to your 2020 goals. 

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